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Cracks within a concrete structure occur as a result of common concrete waterproofing problems. These cracks can be restored by applying a polyurethane-based resin with hydrophilic properties in order to bind the concrete and prevent water migration.

The key advantage to injection systems is the incorporation of a waterproof barrier within the structural fabric over its entire cross-section. Injection systems can make a prolonged improvement to the routine maintenance and repair of buildings and structures, aiding in notably extending their service lifetime. They are highly independent of weather conditions and tremendously resistant to external action, supplying uncompromisable performance.

Rimseal SI 3000

Rimseal 3000 rapidly reacts with water to form soft, open cell foam of high density, Flexible foam.

Rimseal SI 1000

Rimseal 1000 is a single component, ultra-low viscosity, polyurethane based resin with Hydrophilic properties.

Rimseal Injection Pump

Rimseal Injection Packers

  • 10 x 55 C-Type Injection Packers
  • 10/55 10 x 100 Injection Packers
  • 10/100 13 x 92 Injection Packers

Rimseal Zerk Couplers

Rimseal Pressure Gauge

Rimseal Auto Injector Pump Unit

Injection Packers

  • 8 x 55 Injection Packers
  • 10 x 95 Injection Packers
  • 13 x 75 Injection Packers
  • 13 x 95 Gold Injection Packers
  • 13 x 100 Flat Head Injection Packers

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