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Brushes are great for small, precise and flexible painting, which makes them ideal for trims, corners, edges and areas that require more attention.

Available in many different styles and sizes, choosing one is based on personal preference and experience. From narrow brushes to wide brushes for those larger surfaces, the type of brush you choose is based on what surface you are wishing to paint. In addition, depending on the type of paint, different brushes are to be used. Nylon or polyester brushes are great for latex (water-based) paints, whereas natural brushes are perfect for oil-based paints, varnishes and stains.

25mm Wooden Handle Brush

50mm Wooden Handle Brush

75mm Wooden Handle Brush

100mm Wooden Handle Brush

130mm x 40mm Plastic Handle

75mm Plastic Handle Brush

100mm Plastic Handle Brush

Product Data Sheets

Find the latest Envirotech Product Data Sheets on all our Brushes.

Envirotech’s Product Data Sheets summarise the performance and other technical characteristics of each of our waterproofing products. Seek information regarding each product’s benefits, typical applications, surface preparation, properties and more!

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