About us

Our Servcies

Envirotech Waterproofing Solutions was established in 2008 and has been providing outstanding service, quality products and current waterproofing technical information since. As a company, our aim is to provide quality products and exceptional technical support to all applicators within the waterproofing industry.

The team at Envirotech Waterproofing Solutions’ focus is on consultant work within the waterproofing industry, assessing and repairing water issues found within both commercial and residential structures. Envirotech also offers services such as professional development training (for those who want to equip themselves with the most current knowledge and skills required in the waterproofing industry).

All our systems are installed under the direction of a report or methodology written by Envirotech Waterproofing Solutions. This means all our systems are quoted and installed by independent, licensed and certified waterproofing applicators chosen by Envirotech Waterproofing Solutions to ensure you and your client are protected from water ingress.

Our Products

The Waterproofing membrane systems we sell are manufactured specifically to protect clients building from the effects of water ingress. Each product we sell meets Australian standards and has gone through product testing.