Uses for Bandages, Tapes & Accessories

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SpunBond Fabric

  • 100mm x 50m
  • 100mm x 100m
  • 150mm x 100m
  • 200mm x 100m

Fibreglass 150 Cut

Fibreglass 1 Metre uncut

Gripset B50 Bandage

  • 120mm x 50m Joint Band

Gripset Butyl Tape 80mm x 5m

Masking Tape

  • 24mm
  • 36mm

Duct Tape

  • 48mm x 30 – 150UM

Reo Corners

Bostik Handy Wipes

Soudal Swipex Wipes 50pk

Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Powdered XL, 100/Pack

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

  • Powder Free XL, 100/Pack
  • High Strength

Nitrile Coated Work Gloves

  • Large, 12 pairs/pack
  • Medium, 12 Pairs/Pack

Disposable, Retractable Knife

Replacement Knife Blades


  • 1L
  • 20L


  • 1L
  • 20L

Floor Scraper

  • 75mm
  • 100mm
  • 125mm

8-1 Tool

Caulking Blade Set

40mm to 10mm

Hebel Blocks

  • 600 x 100 x 50
  • 600 x 100 x 75
  • 600 x 75 x 50

Floor Scraper

175mm x 1350mm

Coreflute Sheets 3mm Black

Black Tub 460mm with wire Grid

Yellow Drill Mixer - Large

Product Data Sheets

Find the latest Envirotech Product Data Sheets on all our Bandages, Tapes & Accessories.

Envirotech’s Product Data Sheets summarise the performance and other technical characteristics of each of our waterproofing products. Seek information regarding each product’s benefits, typical applications, surface preparation, properties and more!

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