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Roller sleeves are a cylindrical painting tool that has a hollow core that is made of plastic or hard paper and a soft, absorbent fabric exterior. They are designed to be used with a roller frame. Roller sleeves are perfect for walls, ceilings, and any large-sized surface as they are made to hold a large amount of paint to cover more area at once.

The roller sleeve is the part that the paint is applied to, and they come in all various shapes, lengths and materials. Synthetic cover rollers are ideal for most latex paints. Natural cover rollers should be used with oil-based paints. Blended cover rollers can be used with all paints. The thickness of the roller you choose will depend on the surface you are painting. From very smooth for metal doors and plaster to very rough for concrete blocks, bricks and fences.

230mm Stick Sleeves

  • 16mm Napth (Colour: Green)
  • 11mm Napth (Colour: Yellow)

230mm Stick Sleeves

  • 16mm Napth (Colour: Green)

Perlon Roller Sleeves 10 pack

Perlon Roller Sleeves 2 Pack

360mm Cage Sleeve

  • 11mm Napth

Mohair 230mm Cage Sleeve

  • 5mm Napth

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