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Closed Cell: Its cells are entirely enclosed by their walls and do not interconnect with other cells. The rod does not hold moisture, making it appropriate for joints that are in contact with a high presence of water or dampness. Sealants and caulking will tend to adhere more effectively to closed cell backing rods, which have a better bonding surface compared to open cell rods.

Open Cell: Open cell rods can smoothly compress and return back to their original form due to unrestricted air movement. Being so flexible allows it to effortlessly conform to sealing applications. It aids in limiting the depth of the sealant whilst providing efficient sealant airing, ultimately minimising the drying or set-up time.

Backing rods prove to be very advantageous as it provides the following benefits:

  • Enhances elasticity in the joint sealant
  • Minimises caulk consumption by managing the depth of the sealant – intercepts excessive use of caulking or sealant
  • Drives adhesive into contact with the side of the joint allowing for an hour-glass shape, creating a high-calibre bond
  • Produces a “bond-breaker” that permits the joint to be effortlessly cleaned out and refilled over time as needed

Open Cell Backing Rod

  • 20mm x 100m
  • 15mm x 150m
  • 25mm x 80m

Closed Cell Backing Rod

  • 20mm x 50m
  • 25mm x 50m
  • 10mm x 250m

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