Our aim at Envirotech Waterproofing Solutions is to work with the waterproofing industry to assure waterproofing products are fitted and installed by contractors and builders correctly.

Envirotech has designed this website to assist those in the Building industry to be actively involved and understanding of the importance the waterproofing industry has in producing quality work.

For years, many building structures have suffered from some form of water penetration due to the lack of experience and education the waterproofer’s or tiler has had in applicating waterproofing products. It is commonly found that this is because they have not fully recognized or understood just how important it is to follow the correct application procedure for the product they are using. We hope to establish a technical website for all people to explain and improve knowledge, skills, and best practice procedures for waterproofing installations.

Envirotech will endeavor to provide builders, and all contractors, the right information regarding waterproofing failures and their causes, best products, best practices, and positive knowledge when it comes to waterproofing.